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Boo! ;-)
Downloading EQ project 1999. Who’s playing? What server?
Member Lounge New Post 6-14-18
I miss you guys!!!!
why am I the only one on???
What's up y'all! Long time no see
Hi all 😃
Hold the door!
I often wonder if the guests are just bots. They get everywhere these days!
Blast from the past! OoOooOoOoOO
So many ghosts haunt this place but no one speaks!

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Guild Charter

Ancient Belief
It is our belief that as a Guardian of Veeshan, you have a duty to represent the clan. Keep in mind that every action reflects back on your brothers and sisters. You have an obligation to keep the Clan name strong, if not strong in combat, at least strong at heart. If an adventurer advances you, it is your duty to combat them back so that you and your brethren do not lose face. To the death if necessary.

Codes of Combat
It is our belief that combat is one of the best places that one can prove themselves. The heat of battle often reflects that "unbeatable 'balance' of the dragon’s vast intellect and wisdom, great speed and strength, and glorious grace and beauty." Each member perseveres towards these goals.

    1. Accept Death and Resurrection for what it is: Death is not looked or frowned upon foolishly in the Clan. It lets us know that you believed in yourself enough to get killed during combat. Or that you were willing to face extreme odds even though you might die. Dying intentionally for the house is not recommended. But stopping to defend someone in need of help, or facing a horde who has slain another, knowing that you too are going to die, or dying for ones comrade, even if in vain, is considered the most honorable thing one can do.

    2. Always Defend the Lives of Others: If you walk into a room with 20 spawns in it and an adventurer is held or stunned helplessly or appears badly injured it is your responsibility to heal, unstun, unhold, or do what ever it takes to save that person.

    3. Never Fight Amongst the Clan: Try to remember that everyone in this clan is bonded under one common goal. There is no fighting among Paladins and Necromancers, Rogues and Warriors, etc. We all abandoned our old beliefs when we entered the arms of Veeshan. We are her children now, and the only fighting we have with our own is done in fun and games.

    4. Never Purposely Steal a Kill: Try to remember that everyone in the realm is hunting and searching for prey. A good warrior will take the time to know their surroundings and know who is hunting there. Know who wants what, and they can usually be civilized about who kills what. So remember to stay civilized and never purposefully take the kill of another. Should the event happen, then apologize and move on.

    5. "Veeshan's Law" : Veeshan's Law states, "Everything is ours, Nothing is theirs." This is a "Law" so to speak in that Veeshan granted the members of our clan. She believes that we should be taken care of above all others. We believe, on the other hand, that others are entitled to some things because we by all common thought cannot take everything. However, on occasion it is necessary to enforce Veeshan's Law on the inhabitants of the planet. It is up to the Clansmen in times of need to enforce such a law, but there had better be good call for the enforcement.

Honor Code
The Guardian code of honor is one that anyone could agree with, but many have a hard time following. We ask that you use caution, and remember that your reflection of the code of honor will be the reflection of yourself and your Clan. If you are greedy and petty then we do not expect you to be able to follow such a code. But if you are pure of heart and honorable then you will accomplish many great things amongst the Guardians.

Respect: Brothers and sisters should always show respect to not only their superiors but to the other adventurers in the land. Always do as you are asked and be willing to take the consequences for your actions. Never take vengeance upon or take authority over those lower ranked than you for selfish needs. Remember that you too were once in their shoes, and wouldn't have wanted to be a victim of someone else’s rage just because they out ranked you. A good reminder is to treat the people of Norrath as you would want them to treat you.

Principles: Never back down from your principles, even if some of the wicked people in the land, persecute, or torture you for it. Although we should never act superior or higher then the others in the land, all Brothers and Sisters must uphold themselves to higher principles than to those of the Lands. We must always conduct ourselves in a manner that demands not only respect but also a sense of nobility. Always observe courtesy and etiquette. Always show self control in any situation. Brothers and Sisters should be kind and open hearted, willing to hear and understand both their own and others' perspectives. You should always greet everyone in a room, or anyone just entering your Clan. You should always be willing to expand your knowledge and perspective. Always hold one's self above greed and the need for material things. Always show respect to others, even if you do not know them.

Devotion: By devoting ourselves to our Lord, our Clan, our Families, and the Codes of Conduct, we offer ourselves a chance to learn and grow from each experience. Thus we never take anything from the hard work and the things you accomplish throughout the lands. Instead we add to the commitment of gaining levels and learning within the lands. Although Donations of gold or material items to the guild is not expected, it is however looked well upon, although not necessary. Giving donations to the house may not help your pocket or make you popular, but it will make you feel like a better person. More important, is your devotion to duty. Duty to your Clan, and all that walk the lands of Norrath. Brothers and Sisters should show devotion to your Clans by making donations whenever possible.

Obligation: "One's Word is One's Honor"... An obligation taken on by a Brother or Sister of the Clan requires a willingness to undergo any sacrifice in order to repay a kindness, or honor a commitment. Remember to always repay one's debts. Whether moral obligations or material items it is extremely important to remember to repay any services, deeds, or material debts one might have. Not only for the sake of relieving such a burden from ones own mind, but to show respect for the lender. In the end both parties will have both given and taken, thus ending the obligation of both parties. Never say I was told to, or she made me do it, or it's not my fault. It is your obligation to take the punishment for your own actions. No one can make you do anything, it is you who make the continuous decision to act or react to any given situation. It was you who decided to follow the order, or not follow the order and be punished.

Truth and Justice: Brothers and Sisters are always expected to stand up for the right of truth and justice. By telling the truth we extend ourselves to new challenges and opportunity to learn. We leave justice to the hands of the Lord Wurms, Chancellors, and Ancients, never breaking the chain of command. We never take vengeance on someone weak enough to accept his punishment. We are neither judge nor jury. We do not have the right to prosecute anyone for there crimes. We can only report them for their crimes and hope that they are taught a lesson from it.

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