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So many ghosts haunt this place but no one speaks!

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Guild History

When the great Crystalline Dragon Veeshan swiped her mighty claw across Norrath's surface, in what is now called Velious, She brought forth new life to a planet which had none. Infinitely wise, She created a being of her own likeness, that of a dragon. She placed her brood deep within these great valleys that were created by her mighty claws. This began the "Age of Scale".

Veeshan's children would be known as the First Brood, the oldest beings in existence. Her children were known as, Lord Yelinak, Zlandicar, Klandicar, Hsagra, Jaled'Dar, Illiandar, and Sontalak.

Millennia passed, and dragon kind prospered in relative peace and harmony with only two simple rules. Two dragons of different color shall not mate. And a dragon shall not kill another dragon. The inevitable happened, and two dragons of different color did mate. Their names are unknown, and those who do know would never speak of them again. The abomination that was produced by this un-natural union was named Kerafyrm. Upon awakening, Kerafyrm destroyed his parents and went on a rampage, killing much dragon kind. Kerafyrm, you see, was born insane; a direct reason that no two dragons of the same color could mate. Eventually Kerafyrm was imprisoned, and his name was not spoken again. He was simply known as "The Sleeper".

Soon after the great battle with Kerafyrm, Zlandicar, First Brood of Veeshan, had begun an infatuation that would soon be his downfall, the infatuation of death itself. Zlandicar became obsessed with the idea of eating the dead. Other dragons saw this as heresy, but he did not break any rule set forth by Veeshan, and could not be punished. Eventually, however, he went too far.

Jaled'Dar's brood was, appropriately, named the Dar Brood. And Jaled'Dar's second offspring was named Fraka'Dar. Zlandicar became obsessed with Fraka'Dar, he slaughtered and ate her. The dragons, unable to kill Zlandicar for his evil act, banished him from contact with other dragons, and sent him to the burial ground of dragons, Dragon Necropolis. And to this day, he sometimes can still be seen with the tiny talisman of Fraka'Dar.

Soon after the great shrine to Veeshan was constructed, known as "Skyshrine", the dragon kind split into two separate groups. The Dar Brood left Velious and ventured to the lands known as Kunark, where they formed the "Ring of Scale". The dragons who remained upon velious were known as the "Claws of Veeshan".

Two dragons of the Ring of Scale, Vox'Dar (a white dragon) and Nagafen'Dar (a red dragon) got the bright idea to create another dragon like Kerafyrm, control him, and rule the world. Before they could do this, the elders of the Ring of Scale banished them, and stripped them of their Brood names, so they became known as Nagafen and Vox. Vox was sent to the caves deep in permafrost, and Nagafen was banished beneath the lava pits of Lavastorm.

Trakanon, one of the wisest dragons, if not the wisest dragon to have ever been, had the gift (some would call it a curse) of foresight. He saw that the Iksar were destined to destroy the world! Trakanon pleaded with Jaled, leader of the Ring of Scale, to do something about the threat. The council of elders, of the Ring of Scale, decided to do nothing directly about the threat. Trakanon, and some of the younger dragons, decided to do something about them, their own way. Almost 2000 years before the elves rediscovered Kunark, Trakanon began his own war against the Iksar. They destroyed, and sunk the entire Iksar navy.

The elders of the Ring of Scale worked hard to punish, and imprison Traknon, and his followers, and war broke out among dragons. For many years dragons fought each other over the skies of Kunark. In the end, the elder dragons won, and imprisoned Trakanon and his followers for 600 years.

During this quarrel, the Iksar had amassed an army to overthrow the dragons of the Ring of Scale. Eventually, the two factions went to war with each other, and there was a great war, that lasted many years. The final battle of the war, between the First Brood Jaled'Dar, and emperor Ganak, took place in the sky over what is now the Field of Bone. In the end, both were destroyed, and to this day you can still see the bones of Jaled'Dar in the middle of the Field of Bone.

Jaled'Dar had seen many things in his life, and suffered more than anyone should suffer. He had seen the war against Kerafyrm, the murder of his daughter by Zlandicar, the exodus to Kunark, the betrayal of Trakanon, and the love of his daughter to the one who betrayed him, and finally, the assault of the Iksar.

He went insane. And to this day his soul rests, undying, in Dragon Necropolis, so that one day he can have revenge on those who tormented him. He plans to release Kerafyrm upon the world. You see, he was First Brood, he holds a key, along with the other first brood, to the Sleepers tomb.

Later, the dragons got their revenge upon the Iksar, destroying the Iksar palace, along with their new king, Chottal.

Trakanon was eventually released from their magical prison, and Trakanon saw the death and destruction that had happened while he was entombed. Phara, daughter of Jaled, and new ruler of the Ring of Scale, disowned Trakanon, blaming her father's death on him. Trakanon built his lair in the ruins of the Sebilisian empire, and locked the entrance with great magics.

Emporor Ganak, also unable to rest in peace gained the Key to the Ring of Scale stronghold, Veeshan's Peak, and to Trakanons Lair. Each of the 5 tribes of Iksar possessed a medallion for their leaders. And Ganak will give you the key to Trakanon's Lair for just 2 of these Medallions, and for the other 3, with proof that you've slain Trakanon, he will give you the key to Veeshan's peak.

Phara, and the leaders of the Ring of Scale, retreated to veeshan's peak, while sentries were placed upon Kunark, to watch for Iksar uprisings. These were Gorenaire, Talendor, and Severilous. One was also placed in the sea, to watch for attacks from the sea, this was Fayde, who was assigned to the Timorous Deep.

Life wasn't peachy for the Claws of Veeshan either… Rallos Zek's creation, the Giants, had settled down on velious. They made their home in the 3'rd valley made by the hand of Veeshan, they now call this Kael Drakkal. This was a holy place to the dragons, since all life sprang from within it.

The giants eventually invaded Skyshrine, killing many, many dragons and dragon kin. Hsagra, first brood, was killed in the battle by King Porlos, but not before she completed her greatest of anti-giant spells. Porlos made a throne out of Hsagra's skull, which is still used to this day by King Tormax.

The remaining members of the first brood, elders of the Claws of Veeshan, erected a new Temple in the Western wastes, in the 3'rd claw mark made by Veeshan, where dragon kin would live, far away from the giants.

Yelinak decided to stay in skyshrine, and guard the last outpost the Dragons held before the vast open plains. In the upper levels of Skyshrine, the halls are still empty, where the Claws of Veeshan once ruled from.

The duty of guarding the waterfront side of Skyshrine was given to one of the Ring of Scale members, Kelorek'Dar, who patrols the waters in the Cobalt Scar.

The Temple of Veeshan is defended from outside invaders in the wastes by two First brood members, Sontalak and Klandicar. Also in the wastes are Harla'Dar, and some members of the Sapara brood (Zil, Kar, Jen and Del)

Rumor has it that a liaison named Esorpa makes trips between Kunark and Velious, trying to reunite the Ring of Scale, and Claws of Veeshan.

History of the Guardians of Veeshan

This brings us to near the present day, and to the story of the Guardians of Veeshan. Veeshan herself saw that there was an intelligent race upon Norrath that worshipped dragon kind as if it were their heritage. Veeshan chose two Humans to be her liaison to the mortals. The humans chosen for this task were Kintyre'Sky and Heiken'Sky. Upon the choosing of these mortals, they were given the gift of immortality. The two ancients went on teaching the ways of Veeshan, forming an alliance known as the "Guardians of Veeshan".

Kintyre served as chief political officer, while Heiken served as martial, enforcing the laws of Veeshan. Kintyre appointed two Chancellors, Cyrus and Damon, who were to serve as his most trusted advisors.

Heiken also chose wisely for his advisors, Thalak Zhind, and Austen Dragoncreed were chosen as chancellors to Heiken'Sky.

Kintyre was a ranger by trade, and ventured far across the lands of Norrath, exploring the darkest dungeons, and the highest of mountain peaks. It is rumored that Kintyre has finally ascended to the plane of sky, where he sits upon the council of Veeshan herself.

Heiken was given the duties of Chief political officer of the Guardians of Veeshan, where he's ruled ever since. Heiken is a proud paladin, and defender of all that is Holy. To this day, he vows to protect the Guardians of Veeshan at all costs.

The two chancellors to Kintyre, Cyrus and Damon have not been heard from for many years, it is rumored that they were captured by the Kromrif, and are being held prisoner in Kael Drakkal, to punish Kintyre, who led many raids against the vile giants.

Thalak and Austen still roam Norrath, it is said, but the duties that were bestowed upon them have caused them to be somewhat reclusive. Some say they have seen Thalak roaming the grassy lands between the Halfling city of Rivervale, and the Human city of Freeport. Austen, however, is a bit less reclusive, following the healing arts and spreading the word of Veeshan to Norraths younger population.

The ancient mortal, Heiken, had initially appointed Thalak as Martial of Veeshan, but Thalak was not empowered with immortality, like his friend Heiken. Soon after, Thalak stepped down as Martial, and Enyil Runefyre, Thalak's half brother was appointed the position.

Time moved on and Enyil grew increasingly insane, possibly due to his magical studies. Enyil had a falling out, and left the Guardians of Veeshan, to serve a dark and sinister sect.

Dolby Mithrael, the most loyal of the Guardians of Veeshan was given the task of martial. Dolby has provided very wise and level headed advice over the years, and as martial of the Guardians of Veeshan, he has done his job with great pride and respect becoming of a Paladin.

Other Chancellors were chosen, and with them other officers to the chancellors were appointed. These include Daender Silverwood, Luha Luwalhati and Brutusk Bloodbone as Chancellors, due to their increased leadership, and loyalty. The officers chosen to assist Heiken are Nevrotix Soulsaver, and Sargeras Gudluvin, who have given nothing but pure love and loyalty to the Guardians of Veeshan.

Many years had passed, the Guardians of Veeshan prospered, and the healing powers of Heiken'Sky had penetrated the deep magical scars within Enyil, and he once again became loyal to the Guardians of Veeshan, though no special privileges or rights would be granted to him, due to his previous insanity.

This now brings us to the present day, where the Ring of Scale, Claws of Veeshan, and Guardians of Veeshan are making peace with each other, and attempting to bring peace and unity to all dragon kind, and dragon worshipers.

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